Huni Italiana is a metal works company in Colzate, providing various sectors of the economy with high quality products made of metal. We help create work environments that can be easily adapted for numerous fields of application.

As a large, multinational company, we have also been able to maintain the flexibility of a family-oriented business, with a high degree of customer and service focus. We are committed to providing high-quality service to clients in need of a team of experts that can support them in the proper layout of their spaces, with innovative and functional designs.
armadietto industriale
scrivania in legno e metallo
armadietto in metallo per industria


Huni Italiana steel cabinets offer the highest possible quality from A to Z.

They come in a virtually unlimited number of configuration options when it comes to size, colour, closing mechanism, design, and subdivision of drawers.

The cabinets now offer an even greater degree of  flexibility.

Huni steel cabinets are simply the best.

Office furniture

Our modular furniture can be configured in terms of shape, size and colour, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Clients can now work in an environment that ensures maximum comfort and high productivity.

The technical and structural features of our products are suited for use in the widest variety of fields, from hospital to military settings, from museums to laboratories, and even factories.

The perfect solution for your needs is just waiting to be discovered at Huni Italiana.

Custom furniture

Our customized metal furniture designs are our flagship offering.

Huni Italiana uses a team of craftsmen who are skilled in the design and manufacturing of every possible type of of structure - including metal furniture, cabinets and accessories, computer cabinets, work desks, drawers, dividers and shelves - all tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

Contact us by phone or e-mail and make an appointment with our team of specialists. They are here to help you fine tune every detail of your furniture so that you end up with the design that perfectly suits your tastes, needs and space.
Call +39 035 737440 for information on our furniture offerings
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